Madelynn is a Senior!

Earlier this month I got to meet the talented, fun and gorgeous Madelynn. Madelynn is in her senior year of high school in an undoubtedly strange time to be a human, let alone a senior! She is handling online school with grace and planning on attending college in the fall. 

I first started working at Baptist hospital over a decade ago. While I was in nursing school I worked as a nurse assistant on an oncology floor. Madelynn’s Mom Tricia was one of the charge nurses on the unit I worked on. We have stayed in touch since and I was overjoyed when she asked me to take Madeylnn’s senior photos.

We started Madeylnn’s session at Old Salem. I love Old Salem in the fall. We found so many gorgeous trees and colorful walls to take pictures with! Madelynn has been a ballerina for most of her life. She brought some pointe shoes with her. She is so talented and I love how these turned out. 

After we were finished at Old Salem we headed to Bailey Park. We wandered around until a little after the sun went down. Madelynn finished out the session swaying in the street with the gorgeous city buildings in the background. 

Thank you so much Tricia and Madelynn for trusting me to capture your memories. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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