Snowmaggedon 2017 Adventure!

I’ve been slacking on doing personal posts on the blog so here goes! Yesterday we had a snow day! We don’t get this very many times a year in Winston. My husband Chris and I were like little children waking up on Christmas morning. We kept watching the snow fall with such awe! It’s an amazing thing when you aren’t used to it. As the sun started to shine it brought with it a vibrant blue sky. We decided to go outside because I wanted to take a few pictures. Wanting to “take a few pictures” turned into a two hour adventure!

We found beautiful old barns, snowy landscapes, lots of birds, snow covered pinecones, a creek and a small frozen lake that may or may not have been sewage. It smelled a little but it looks gorgeous in the pictures! We kept saying how peaceful and beautiful everything was! Towards the end of our trek the wind blew through the trees and created a gorgeous haze of powder floating through the trees. I even caught Chris doing cartwheels. Life is never boring with him! See below for our snowy day adventure!

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~Jessi Paige

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