The Colors of the Rainbow

My lovely daughter Ava Belle and her friends had the opportunity to learn ballroom dancing through Dancing Classrooms in their school. Dancing Classrooms is a non-profit organization that was started in New York to teach 5th grade students how to ballroom dance. The Mission statement of the New York chapter is:

“Our mission is to cultivate essential life skills in children through the art of social dance. Our vision is to help create schools and communities where every child is connected, respected, and provided a safe environment in which to thrive.”

This has been one of the most amazing opportunities that Ava has been able to take part in. Ava was picked to be a part of the team that competed yesterday against five other elementary schools in the area. They tied for the silver medal and you can see the kids loved every minute of it. The competition was named “The Colors of the Rainbow.” Rosemary Harris, Aunt May in the Spiderman movies, was there to cheer the kids along. They really loved that! Thank you to the all of the teachers and staff that supported this program coming into our school!

2016-05-21_0001 Ava & Lauren2016-05-21_0002 2016-05-21_00032016-05-21_0005 Ava & Cheyenne2016-05-21_0004 2016-05-21_0006 Ava, Ahmarrion & Tamaury who came to root for Ava!2016-05-21_0007Ava & Amy- more of the cheering section!2016-05-21_0008 2016-05-21_0009 2016-05-21_0010 2016-05-21_0011 2016-05-21_0012Damon & Cheyenne2016-05-21_0013 2016-05-21_0014 Jaylen & Lauren2016-05-21_0015 2016-05-21_0016 2016-05-21_0054 2016-05-21_0017 2016-05-21_0018 2016-05-21_0019 2016-05-21_0020 2016-05-21_0021 2016-05-21_0022 2016-05-21_0023 2016-05-21_0024 2016-05-21_0025 2016-05-21_0027 2016-05-21_0026 2016-05-21_0028 2016-05-21_0029 2016-05-21_0033 Jaylen & Danielle2016-05-21_0032 2016-05-21_0031 2016-05-21_0034 2016-05-21_0035 2016-05-21_0044 2016-05-21_0036Jazmyne & Tavion2016-05-21_0037 2016-05-21_0038 2016-05-21_0039 2016-05-21_0040 2016-05-21_0041 Dillon & Hayleigh2016-05-21_0042 2016-05-21_0043 2016-05-21_0045 2016-05-21_0046 2016-05-21_0047 2016-05-21_0048 2016-05-21_0049 2016-05-21_0050 Part of Cheyenne’s cheering section!2016-05-21_0051 2016-05-21_0052 2016-05-21_0053 Dancing “the stomp” after the awards were given out!2016-05-21_0055 2016-05-21_0056 Xavier & Ava- Dancing Partners!2016-05-21_0057Ava & Ms. Deborah who helped bring dancing classrooms to our school!

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~Jessi Paige

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