This past week my family and I travelled up the road to a place in Kernersville called Clodbuster Farms. Ava’s friend Stephanie joined us for the fun! This is our second year going here and we will definitely be back for many years to come. We took a hayride through the beautiful farmland and were […]

My amazing daughter Ava Belle turned twelve years old and she wanted a birthday party at the house with all of her friends. Unfortunately our house cannot fit all of my social butterfly’s friends. We invited as many friends as we could for her (I gave her a limit of ten). The house was filled […]

We went to Greensboro today to meet my sweet, handsome, inquisitive, squishy faced nephew Chandler Joseph. He has one green eye and one blue eye and a ton of dark brown hair! He was born yesterday and came into the world with a bang! His doctor said he is going to be a boss because he doesn’t play by the […]

My amazing friend Christina is getting married in less than two weeks! This past weekend, Kate and I met Christina and her sister Stephanie near Wilmington where Christina lives. We headed to the beach as soon as we arrived and relaxed and listened to music. After the beach we met Christina’s husband at the marina and […]

You might recognize a few of these people from another baby shower I blogged about. My sister and brother in law, Mindy and Joey, had a baseball themed cookout this time! We had so much fun preparing for this and surprising them with all the details. Mindy loves baseball and I’m sure their little “Chan-Chan” will […]