Sarah & Matt are Engaged!

Sarah & Matt were married last Saturday and I can’t wait to share those photos. Until then I can share their amazing engagement session. We headed to where they first met in Charlotte, NC. 

Although they don’t live in Charlotte anymore they have so many memories in the city together. It was amazing to explore some of their favorite places. First we headed to Freedom Park. Then we went to a park across from where Sarah used to live.

Sarah said they have read for hours together in the park, admired the fountain and even built snowmen together there. We walked down streets they have walked together hundreds of times, went by a building Matt used to work in and we took pictures in front of where Matt first asked Sarah for her number. 

The weather was perfect and the day couldn’t have gone better. Sarah and Matt are such a perfect couple. Just wait until you hear their love story on the wedding blog! 

Sarah and Matt thank you so much for trusting me to capture your memories. I hope you are having the best time in Paris. I’ll be sharing your wedding photos soon!

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