Hayride, Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch!!!

This past week my family and I travelled up the road to a place in Kernersville called Clodbuster Farms. Ava’s friend Stephanie joined us for the fun! This is our second year going here and we will definitely be back for many years to come. We took a hayride through the beautiful farmland and were dropped off at the beginning of the 6 acre corn maze!! After we found our way out of the maze we said hello to all of the farm animals. They have goats, horses, a pig and a sweet black labrador named Dixie! We picked out our pumpkins, chatted with the owner Zane and played tic tac toe and corn hole! My car even ended up on an aerial video by Carolina SkyWorks. Click this link and look for the white corolla at the beginning! If you haven’t been to Clodbuster Farms I highly recommend that you check it out! Their website can be found here and their Facebook pages here and here.

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